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Welcome to Artic Acoustics – Mixing and Mastering Music, the place where your music productions will be made ready for the world to hear and enjoy.

To start the mixing and mastering process right away, click on How Does It Work and follow the steps. Below you will also find the pricing and some extra terms and conditions.

About us

So who are we dealing with here? We are Sebastiaan and Jor, both from Groningen, the Netherlands. We have worked together for many years, and it had always something to do with music. While Sebastiaan has done a lot of work in live sound, recording bands and setting up PA mixes, Jor was in his studio mixing songs of all different genres.

This unique blend of skills enables us to work in all sorts of styles and the beautiful areas where different genres meet.

Of course we are both graduated in mixing and mastering and have lots of experience in this world, whether it be sound-design, mastering, arranging or recording.

But if there is anything you take away from this, it should be the following; First and foremost we are musicians, we have played in all sorts of different bands, we are creative thinkers and we are surrounded by artistic minds everyday, all day.

This is why we are convinced that we can help you take your production to the next level and prepare it for the world to hear.

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1 Song
2 to 3 songs
4 to 5 songs
Up to 30 tracks
31 to 60 tracks
61 to 100 tracks
Up to 30 tracks
31 to 60 tracks
61 to 100 tracks
Up to 30 tracks
31 to 60 tracks
61 to 100 tracks

how does it work?

We want to give you the best sounding results!

We want to make sure that your tracks are going to sound ready for the world and perfect in every way possible. To do this you need you to provide us with the best possible starting point.

Here you can find a checklist, use it to see if your files are ready for mixdown. It is highly recommended that go through every step on the list, this can really improve the end result of your track!

1Make sure that you only send the files that you want in your song
No muted optional extra parts or sounds that don’t add to the song, decisions can be difficult sometimes but the rewards are definitely worth it!
2Check your tracks for clicks and pops
Clicks and other artifacts of sound design and recording can easily be overlooked, make sure you check every track separately and remove any audio glitches that you find. You can do this with a fade tool or by just cutting the section. Of course we will fix this too, but we rather spend our time on making your song sound good!
3Check your timing
Make sure all stems start at the same point, this way we can just throw it in a session and start our mix. While you’re at it, use a metronome to check if all your parts are on the grid or at least where you want them to be, since “off-grid” can also be an artistic choice we will not change any of this.
4Disable all EQ’s and Compression settings
Unless you are using your plugins as an effect (sidechain compression or filter sweeps) it is better to turn these off. This will give us more flexibility. This step can be difficult sometimes because a sound might drastically change when you’ve got some extreme EQing going on, this is your judgment call, it is not always a bad thing when a sound changes though. The same thing goes for reverbs.
5Always export stems in either WAV or AIFF
When it comes to mixing never ever export your stems in MP3 you will lose quality and add distortion to your carefully created musical parts, not cool!
6Label your stems
Properly name your different stems, this saves us loads of time and makes it a lot easier when we need to consult you about specific parts.
7Send us the files
Put all your audio files in one map. Zip the map and send it, using WeTransfer, to info@arcticacoustics.com. When sending us the files also let us know if you have any special wishes and a deadline for the mix.
All right, checked the full list? Time to upload your rough mix!

Go to your browser and upload from the site!

contact and upload

Let us have a listen!

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you checked all the steps but are still unsure about your mix, just send us an MP3 of your track, we can give you some additional advice to make sure you get the most out of your mix or master. We will always answer you within 24 hours.